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Renovation double story exterior

Who We Are

Yep, we’re the ‘Renovate Now, Pay Later’ guys you’ve heard about. You know, the ones to call when you need to renovate to sell, but can’t afford to pay until settlement. The ones who want our cost to be peanuts compared to your profit. It’s our claim to fame, but we also have other ways to pay, and you don’t have to be selling your home either! (click ‘Payment Options’ in menu).

Our awesome, first-rate tradies have more than 100 years’ combined experience and a proven track record. Not only are they extensively trained and highly skilled, but their passion for what they do is the driving force behind excellent results and outstanding service. You won’t find anyone more skilled, who take greater pride in staying on top of their game.

We even have our inhouse digital design expert who can quickly create real life examples of how your property will look before you accept our quote, so you can be sure you’ll get what you expect from us. You can even ask us to make changes to satisfy your curious mind!

If you’re planning on selling, and want us to arrange staging, we have innovative designers on hand who can easily transform even the dullest homes into showplaces while keeping expenses down. Creative concepts, colour combinations and furniture styling are all in their playbook.

Whether they’re on staff or contracted independently, our team members share our work ethic, strong commitment to quality and enthusiasm for the game. Because we all love what we do for you.bg

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