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Selecting Ideal Tile Designs for Bathroom Renovation

The practicality and aesthetic appeal of tiles in bathroom design are like none other. Tiles serve not only as a functional element but also are a decorative feature. They add colour to your space while setting the tone for the entire look of your finished space. Tiles impart a distinct look to your bathroom while ensuring that the surfaces are easy to maintain. In fact, designing your bathroom with tiles offers a great way to upgrade its appeal and make buyers notice your property. Using tiles offers the easiest way to add character while increasing the overall value of your home.

In case you are planning to sell your home but concerned about the outdated look of your bathroom, adding tiles can do the magic. However, given the wide options available, you may find the task baffling. Moreover, since you are renovating for profit, it is essential to plan and work on a budget. Listed below are a few tips to simplify the process of selecting tiles for you.

Maintain a Symmetrical Look

A symmetrical look appeals to the eyes and adds a charming look to your bathroom. In case you want to add additional designs, make sure that they effortlessly merge with every other element of your bathroom.

Limited Colour Palette

With just a few shades you can add a sophisticated touch to your bathroom. With neutral shades, you can make your bathroom look tidy and with inventive combinations, you can impart a harmonious yet distinct look.

Combining Styles

You can add a vibrant look to your bathroom by matching styles that perfectly complement each other. With different patterns and textures, you can add a unique look to your bathroom.

Accent Tiles

Add an artistic look to your bathroom by putting accent tiles on the walls. With a few accent tiles, you can create focal points and maintain a cohesive look. With accent tiles, you can give your bathroom a rejuvenating finish.

Avoid Cut Tiles

For a seamless look, try using tiles in their original size instead of cutting them. While you may find it difficult to fit tiles in their original size everywhere, it is best to keep cut tiles to a minimum. You can consider using tiles from the ceiling so that the cut tiles are on the floor and are not much visible. Make sure to add full tiles in areas that are prominent.

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