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Kudo Homes delivers high-quality, hassle-free renovations that make the most of your budget.

Home Renovations Ormond 

Home renovations are a great way to get more out of your home. If you’re looking to send up your property’s price, pre-sale home renovations can do the job effectively. If you just want to create the perfect place to live, home renovations can do that for you too!

It sounds perfect. All you need to do now is organise and schedule a bunch of different trades and somehow pay for everything!

If that sounds like a bad deal, talk to Kudo Homes for home renovations in Ormond. Our service is simple. We get to know your renovation needs and project manage the process from start to finish. We arrange the trades, ensure everything runs smoothly, and keep well within your allotted budget. At the end of the process, your home will be ready to sell or ready to enjoy!

Kudo Homes can even help you free up your cash flow during renovations. Our “Renovate Now Pay Later Solutions” are designed specifically for pre-sale renovations and renovate to stay services.

For smarter home renovations in Ormond that are also more profitable, contact us today. 

Renovate to Sell or Renovate to Stay in Ormond 

Get started with Kudo Homes today for a renovation process that ticks all the boxes and meets all your needs.

Our renovate to sell services are highly targeted, cost-effective, practical, and value-adding. Meanwhile, our renovate to stay services are just as affordable and valuable but designed specifically to match your dream home vision.

Every Kudo Homes customer gets an initial consultation where we can discuss our process and understand your goals. If you’re happy with the proposal we provide, we can create a quote and then take care of the entire renovation, getting you ready to sell or enjoy your home.

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  • End-to-end project management

  • Flexible payment options

  • Experienced, trusted trades

  • Realise your property’s potential

  • Attract more buyers

  • Save time, money and hassle

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Kudo Homes helped me to achieve an above expectations sale. I made more than $2.50 for every dollar I spent, with nothing to pay until the property sold.


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Renovate to Stay or Sell and Pay Later with Ormond’s Renovation Experts! 

“Renovate Now Pay Later” isn’t just a catchy motto. It’s a promise and a service that works exceptionally well. We offer three ways to “Pay Later” that are suited to different circumstances.

Kudo Pay has no upfront costs at all, with the renovation being paid for once your property sells and settlement has been reached. Progressive Pay involves an initial deposit followed by instalments as we complete different parts of the renovation.

Finally, Humm Pay gives you all the money you need and up to three years to pay it back on a schedule that suits you.

Contact Kudo Homes or explore our Payment Options page to learn more. 

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