Renovate to Sell

Planning to sell but worried your property isn’t looking its best?

At Kudo Homes, we design and deliver practical, cost-effective renovation projects that maximise your property’s sale price.

While most of us know that a well-presented home will achieve a better sales result, it’s not always easy to find the money to fund a renovation. Similarly, many homeowners are reluctant to spend on a property that they’ll soon sell. 

Unlock your property’s potential with nothing to pay until settlement

Our ‘renovate now, pay when you sell’ model lets you upgrade your property with nothing to pay until it’s sold. We’ll cover the cost of your renovation so that you can uncover your property’s true potential, attract more buyers and sell at a great price – without any upfront spend.

Kudo Homes will look after the entire renovation process for you – from creating a proposal tailored to your budget to scheduling trades, managing the project schedule and even styling your home to maximise its sales appeal. 

Our Process

How we work with you

Whether your property needs a minor facelift or a major overhaul, we’ll provide a renovation solution that delivers a fast sale at a great price.

  1. Initial consultation: We’ll discuss your needs, budget, timeline and how we can help. We’ll explain the renovation process, take you through different payment options and answer any questions you have.  
  2. Onsite meeting: We’ll meet you at the property for a thorough inspection and take you through the research we’ve conducted into your local market. This is an opportunity for us to run through different ideas, discuss buyer preferences and agree on key focus areas.

  3. Tailored proposal: We’ll create a detailed and transparent proposal that covers costs, the project schedule and all materials. Our quotes include options for all budgets, giving you complete control over your spend.

  4. Construction: Once you’ve signed the proposal, we’ll get to work on your renovation! Your site supervisor will coordinate our experienced tradies to deliver an effective, on time, on budget result.

  5. Sale: With your renovation complete, we’ll help you to prepare your property to look its absolute best for the sales campaign. Once it’s sold, the cost of your renovation will be taken from the settlement payment.


Let Kudo Homes take care of your renovation and save time, money and hassle – with nothing to pay until your property is sold. Call 1800 479 408 to get started.



Kudo Pay

Kudo Pay allows you to renovate your property with nothing to pay until it’s sold. One of our most popular payment options, Kudo Pay makes it achievable for owners to realise their property’s potential and achieve a higher sale price – even if they don’t have the money to fund a renovation.

With Kudo Pay, we’ll cover the cost of your renovation – no deposit or upfront payment required. Whether your property needs a basic refresh or a serious facelift, we’ll manage your renovation project to ensure you get the most from your budget.

The Kudo Pay application process is fast and simple, with approval within 24 hours and no hidden costs or catches.

Kudo Pay could be right for you if:

  • You’re over 18
  • You’re listed on the property’s title
  • You need finance fast
  • You’ll sell the property once the renovation is complete
  • There’s no existing caveat over the property
  • The mortgage amount owing is no more than 80% of the property’s value

Progressive Pay

Progressive Pay allows you to pay for the cost of your renovation with an initial deposit followed by a series of progress-based payments made at agreed stages of your renovation project.   

With Progressive Pay, you’ll sign off on a works and payment schedule that shows what’s due, when. For example, your payment schedule will likely look like:

5% deposit – due before works begin 

40% – due after painting is complete

40% – due after flooring is complete

15% – due once the project is complete

Progressive Pay is a great option if you can fund your renovation project yourself. It costs a little less than Kudo Pay, but means your funds are tied up until you sell.

Progressive Pay could be right for you if:

  • You’re over 18
  • You’re listed on the property’s title
  • You don’t need finance
  • You prefer to pay for your renovation in stages

Not sure what option is right for you?

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