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Renovation double story exterior

Looking for a suitable payment option? We can help!

One of our most popular payment options is the Renovate Now, Pay Later payment option, however, we also offer our standard progressive payment option which has it’s advantages.

Lets take a closer look.

Renovate Now, Pay Later

Our Renovate Now, Pay Later payment option means we will renovate your home with $0 upfront costs, and you can pay us when you sell your home. This means you pay us from the deposit you receive from your buyer, or pay on settlement.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?


– It makes it possible for homeowners who don’t have the funds to renovate and maximise their sales potential to make a profit.
– It provides the option to use the deposit received from the sale of your home to put a deposit on another property.
– You don’t have to use your own funds giving you more financial flexibility
– No need to ask your bank for a loan
– Very straight forward payment option with no hidden charges or gimmicks


– It cost a little more
– Interests starts after 5 months if not paid in full. Interest is calculated based on value amount owed.


– Must have no more than 80% mortgage on the property value
– No claims of bankruptcy
– No caveat over the property
– Contract must be in the name(s) listed on the property title

If you prefer this option, you will be required to enter into a standard contract with us.

Progressive payment

Our progressive payment option is quite simple. It’s starts with a depsoit and the remaining balance is broken up over various stages and paid upon your approved stages completed.

A works/payment schedule is generated prior to construction works, allowing you to have an overview of the entire contructions works and payment schedule at glace keeping you in the know at all times.

Here is an example:
20% Deposit – Before we start
35% After paint completion
30% Carpet Completion
15% Final payment


– Cost a little less than the the Renovate Now, Pay Later payment option.


– Ties up your funds until you sell
– You may need to organise a loan if you don’t have available funds

For more information about our payment options, please give a call or send us an email.

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