How Much Does a Pre-Sale House Renovation Cost?

Home Renovations for sale

Want to sell your home and more importantly, do it quickly? You need to make sure your home is in good shape when you want to create the right impression on your prospective buyers. Not all repairs and renovations burn a hole in your pocket. Connect with us at Kudo Homes to know more about hassle-free renovations that can help you sell your property fast.

So how much does a full home renovations for sale in Keysborough cost? Here’s a quick look at the things you will need to consider.


Your house may not be in a dilapidated condition. But you still need to look out for essential repairs that you must undertake to make your house more appealing. Broken windows, dripping taps, cracks in walls and ceilings, missing or broken tiles, leaking roof are all possible areas where repairs may be overdue.

At Kudo Homes, we can give you a complete renovation package that can take care of all the nitty-gritty repair work needed for your home. You will need to consider repairs for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room as well as the home exterior. Average costs for kitchen repair are in the range of $17,000 to $20,000. Call our expert team for an inspection and we can tell you exactly how much your home renovation will cost you.


If your home looks dull, you need to give it a coat of paint to make it look appealing. Painting costs will include labour, cost of paints and treatments for surfaces if needed. Average costs for a home around 150m2 is about $7500

Garden Makeover

Before prospective buyers step into the home, they see the garden. If your garden plants are limp and the garden is overgrown with weeds, you need to give your garden a makeover. Paint the fence, clean up the garden and spruce up the place. Gardeners could charge around $30 to $50 an hour.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning the driveways, exterior walls, roofs and other surfaces gives the much needed freshness and maintained look to your home. You need experts to handle this task for you.

Renovate to Sell with Kudo Homes

Still trying to figure out how much does a full home renovations for sale in Keysborough cost? Leave all your budget worries for a pre-sale home renovation to us. What’s more, at Kudo Homes, we know just how to make it even better. We give you the convenience of paying for our services once the property is sold. Call us now.