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What is Kudo Homes?

We are your one-stop-shop property renovation experts who can help prepare your property fast for the real estate market to either sell, or rent so you can maximize the opportunity you have at hand.

Our main motto is to get your home looking its best so you can sell it at a great profit. With our professional renovation services, we’ll make sure that you get the best make-over for your money. 

A lot of people don’t realise that a beautifully set up and renovated house can be the defining factor to making a great sale at an even greater profit. 

At Kudo Homes, we’re serious of providing state of the art renovation services that can maximise the profit margin on the sale of your home. 

If you are unsure of where to start in the process, we’d be happy to run you through the procedure of selling your first home. Call us anytime between 9am-5pm to bring us in for an on-site inspection and a free quote. 

What makes Kudo Homes different from other renovation services?

That’s easy. We have a payment option where we don’t take a cent until the home sells. That’s why we work so quickly and professionally to get the job done.

Also, our services are all-in-one. There’s no need to call an electrician, a plumber, a carpenter and a roofer. Who has the time for all those consultations? We take care of everything for you, and the project estimate will cover all the work.

My circumstances are complicated, and I’m not sure that Kudo Homes can help.

If you’re a property owner who wants a quick sale with maximum returns, we can help. It’s just that simple.

Every day, we assist homeowners who didn’t have the funds to get started on badly needed renovations. Some didn’t have enough knowledge of the market to maximise their property’s sale potential. Still others inherited homes that need work, but they live interstate or overseas. They’re not around to hire workers and monitor progress.

Clients who are going through tough times, such as a divorce or the loss of a loved one, appreciate the pains we take to relieve stress and minimise financial loss. We care about our customers and have their well-being in mind from the start.

By trusting Kudo Homes, our clients avoid wasting time and making costly mistakes. You can too.

Do you have solid experience?

The licensed contractors that make up our team have more than 100 years of experience. You’re in good hands with Kudo Homes.

What payment options do you offer?

We love making things easy and offer two payment options. You may choose to pay the entire amount when you receive the settlement after you sell your home, or you may pay in three convenient instalments. Paying in instalments can get you up to 15 percent discount off your overall quote. Here are the details:

• Payment on settlement

If you prefer this option, you’ll fill out an application for us to assess upon receiving your quote. If your application is approved, you’ll enter into a contract with us, it’s as simple as that.

• Payment in three instalments

To earn up to 15 percent discount, pay one-third of the cost upfront before the work begins, one-third in the middle of the project and the last third when the work is completed.

When we generate a quote we present you with both payment options for you to consider. 

Do you offer free quotes?

Absolutely. Just give us a call at 1800 882 442 to schedule a consultation at your home. The consultation and quote don’t obligate you in any way.

Do you participate in listing the property and selling the home?

No, we leave that to expert agents who know specific areas very well. The agents that we recommend are some of the best and most respected in their field.

Do you receive commissions from the agents?

Never. The only reason that we recommend certain agents is to increase your chances of getting the highest possible price for your property. You’re welcome to work with an agent that you choose.

Do you redo homes as investment properties?

Certainly! Our projects increase property values and equity, attract the kind of tenants that clients want and make it possible for clients to charge higher rents

I’m in ownership of a deceased estate and there is so much work to do, can you help?

Yes we can. We help with cleanups and sale or disposal of items that you don’t want to keep. We’ll take care of hiring and styling the right furniture to show the house at its very best.

All our services are flexible and tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs, all you have to do is ask!

How do we help in renovating your home for profit?

We help property owners:

  • By understanding the level of service they require from us.
  • Determine a suitable budget to avoid over capitalisation.
  • Provide cost effective renovation options to suit strict budgets.
  • Work within tight deadlines to limit mortgage repayments.
  • Provide fixed renovation quotes for peace of mind.
  • Turn complicated problems into a structured work-schedules.
  • Deliver beautiful homes to help maximise your sales potential.

We also offer additional services beyond our quality renovation works. We understand the different types of challenges owners can be faced with such as:

  • Incomplete renovations that need to be finished off.
  • Storage management.
  • Properties that require furniture and personal belongings removal.
  • Complicated deceased estates.
  • Absent owners who live in another state.
  • Property maintenance during the sale period.
  • Planning of renovation works for owners living in the home.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call today to come in for an on-site inspection. 


How do I begin renovating my property?

First, you can call in Kudo Home for a thorough and professional analysis of the house. 

Once we have figured out what we have to renovate/ change which generally falls under these core areas of renovation for profit; 

  • Floors
  • Paint
  • Structural Changes for the rooms

These touches to these areas and the rooms in the houses make the house more prepared for sale. 

By doing something as minimal as adding a fresh coat of paint, or a new floor can be the defining factor between selling at a massive loss instead of selling for a profit. 

Does Kudo Homes offer free quotes?

Yes, we sure do! 

To set up an appointment for an on-site inspection today, or at the earliest convenient time, call us on 1800 882 442 today! 

What area does Kudo Homes Service?

We provide our array of services in Melbourne CBD and South Eastern Suburbs (Narre Warren, Dandenong, St Kilda, Frankston, Springvale, Moorabbin, Ferntree Gully and many more).

Call us now to know if we can provide our services in your area.

How quickly can Kudo Homes give me a quote and renovate so I can sell as fast as possible?

It all depends on the amount of renovation works needed. 

Once Kudo Homes comes in to do an inspection of the house and does an assessment of an area, let’s say for example 4 bedroom home about 180m2, it might need the following work done; interior painting, new carpet, floating floorboards or tiles, blinds, vacate clean and furniture staging.  

Depending on the size of the house and the amount of renovation that is required you could expect the following turnaround times from an approved quote:

  • Official paperwork: 2 days
  • Project scheduling:  5 days
  • Renovations works: 14 days  

The turnaround time would total 21 days from an accepted quote.

What payment options does Kudo Homes offer?

We offer 2 types of payment options:

Pay Later, Payment Option

This is a very popular payment option used by owners who prefer to pay when they sell the property. Payment is made to us once the settlement of the property is done.


The benefits of the Pay Later payment option allows owners to free up their funds to place a deposit on another property, it’s also a great option for owners who don’t have the funds available to renovate their home to increase the value of their property. We understand the fiscal responsibilities that come with trying to sell a house, and Kudo Homes first intention is to maximise profit for our customers. 


Progressive Payment

The second option is progressive payment. Upon an approved quote, we require an initial deposit to confirm the job. The remaining balance is broken up into stages allowing you to make set-out payments for each stage we complete. Depending on your amount for the renovation, the stages can be as spaced out or as frequent as per your requirements.

How does the Renovate Now, Pay Later work?

We believe in maximum profit for you at minimum renovations.

At Kudo Homes, we are transparent and have no upfront costs on the renovation. 

We cover the upfront costs to renovate your property and you can pay us when you sell your property which is on settlement. For this particular payment option, there are certain conditions that apply. You can ask one of our friendly staff or call us at 1800 882 442.

What are the conditions for using the Renovate Now, Pay Later payment option?

To use the Renovate Now, Pay Later payment option, you will need to enter into a standard contract with Kudo Homes. This contract will permit us to lodge a caveat over the property to secure the work and goods we add to your property. A caveat is essentially a formal declaration mentioning claim over the property (in this case till the renovation fees are paid in full).

You are then entitled to 5 months interest free to sell your property.

Our interest varies depending on the amount borrowed. Let’s say for example you borrowed $50K, interest charged would be 2.5% – 3%  per month. 

Please note, lower borrowed amount would attract higher interest rates. Call now 1800 882 442 to know more.  

What requirements are there to be approved for the Renovate Now, Pay Later payment option?

  • There must be no more than 80% mortgage owning on the property in its current condition.
  • No claims of bankruptcy.
  • No caveat over the property.
  • The contract must be signed by all owners listed in the certificate of title. 

Can a caveat affect the sale of my property?

No, not at all and especially in this case. Once a potential buyer is ready to buy your property, the buyer will engage in either a solicitor or conveyancer who will discover a caveat over the property. The buyer’s legal representative will communicate with Kudo Homes legal representative to clarify the reason for the caveat. Both parties will then organise for the payment and caveat to be lifted on the settlement date. 

Am I able to get a sample copy of the contract before considering using Kudo Homes?

Yes, you sure can and you can download a copy right here and contact if you have any questions in relation to the contract. 

How much involvement does Kudo Homes take part in the sale of the property?

Kudo Homes takes no part in the sale of your property besides our pre-sale renovation services for sale. You will be able to sell your property as you choose, and choose an agent of your choice. If you need a recommendation for a reliable and dependable real estate agent, our friendly staff will be able to recommend a set of trusted real estate agents we have worked with on previous renovations. 

What can I expect prior and during the renovation works phase?

At Kudo Homes, we are strong believers in a clear line of communication. You can expect nothing less than being well informed every step of the way throughout the entire project so you can plan as needed. We do not make any renovation without running it past you. We always contact you to seek your consent and approval. 

 Using the latest softwares and technologies, we operate highly efficient projects that run smoothly and on time. 

Projects schedules are emailed to you at the end of each day outlining the percentage that has been completed on the day for every task required for your project. 

What qualifications does Kudo Homes have?

Kudo Homes specialises in renovations for sale and services in relation to any kind of renovation or building changes.

In addition, Kudo Homes is a registered building practitioner that provides Builder Warranty Insurance for any job that cross the $16K mark.  

Why consider Kudo Homes?

With our extensive depth in knowledge with all things property related, Kudo Homes provides its customers with a long lasting feeling of satisfaction and value for money. Our job is to make your home look sale ready and renovate it to get the best possible price for your property. 

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that we love what we do and would be the perfect fit for your requirements.

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