Small Bathroom Renovations Design Ideas

Looking to sell your home? A new buyer will always prefer a house that is well-maintained and ready to move in. The first thing you need to do is check for repairs and renovations in every part of your house including bathrooms.

The bathroom is often one of the most ignored and in need of repair areas of the house. At Kudo Homes, we provide you with complete renovation services for your house to sell, including bathroom repairs and renovation.

Here are some bathroom renovation ideas for small bathrooms.

Create Storage

A small bathroom may not give you much space to think something big. But there is always scope for improvement with storage design ideas. Instead of only a mirror above the wash basin, our recommended bathroom renovation ideas include installing a mirrored cabinet that will hide away all the toiletries. Nothing like giving added value for your buyer’s money!

Fix the Taps

Broken and leaking taps are a big no when prospective buyers walk into your house for an inspection. Don’t wait until someone points out a rusty tap. Our renovation experts can fix the taps and also suggest changes you can make to ensure your bathroom looks top-class. Wall mounting the taps, smaller sinks and wall-hung basins are ideas you can use for making your bathroom look cosy and smart.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are excellent additions that can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your amazing bathroom renovations in Keysborough. Mirrors can make any space look bigger. They also brighten up the room. You can use mirrors just as effectively in your bathroom. When you call us for a consultation, ask our expert team for bathroom renovation ideas that can include mirrors. We can give you bathroom beautification ideas that will make you fall in love with your house more than before.

Tiles and Flooring

Cleaning and repairing bathroom floors and wall tiles will need some thinking too. It is always a good thing to make sure all the cracks are filled and broken grout is also fixed before you hand over your house to a new buyer. You can also opt for a frameless panel shower door to enhance the look of your small bathroom and make it appear bigger.

Call Kudo Homes when Renovating for Profit

At Kudo Homes, we can provide you with amazing bathroom renovations in Keysborough for your house to sell for profit. Be it small bathroom renovation ideas or complete home renovation, our expert team will only be too happy to get your house ready for sale. Call us right away for a discussion for a start to finish home renovation.