7 Reasons to Leave the Packing to the Pros

Moving out sounds fun until you have to pack. Moving in sounds even more fun until you have to unpack. Talk about doubling up! At Kudo, we’re all about making life easier, so whether you’re renovating to sell or renovating to move in, you’ll need to do some packing – and unpacking, so why not hire a packing and – you guessed it – unpacking(!!) agency to help get you moved?!

Kudo loves working with the awesome team at Moving Angels to get our clients and their stuff sorted for the big move, so you can focus on your renovation and the million other things in your life. As list-lovers, we try to add a list into each blog blog where possible so we don’t bore you with sentences for the sake of it, so in true Kudo fashion, we’ve made a list of who might want to use this awesome service when you renovate with Kudo Homes. Enjoy!

1. Save Time and Energy

Moving can be is exhausting! Imagine skipping the endless hours of boxing up your life. With Moving Angels, you get to focus on more important things like your Kudo Homes reno!

2. Professional Packing

Packing is easy, right? Not!! But most people find this out the hard way. It might be that you don’t have enough boxes because you can’t figure out how to pack everything in the best way to make them fit, so you need to buy more boxes, which means more space required for them, which means more unpacking later on. Then you need to make sure you don’t pack glassed with heavy things, which sounds easy, but we all think that it will be ok, right? Because you’re only putting the box in the car/truck and then unpacking it again. Good luck with that!! Packing pros know all the tricks to ensure your stuff is packed safely and efficiently to avoid all the issues us mere amateur packers encounter, because they do it every day. 

3. Stress-Free Unpacking

Pros not only unpack for you, but they can also set up your newly renovated space just the way you like it. It’s like having your own moving fairy godmothers. 

4. Organized from Day One

Yep, no more living out of boxes for weeks on end. Everything is in its place, and you can settle into your new home smoothly

5. Customized Services

Every move is different, and a professional agency like Moving Angels get that. You get to choose from customized services to fit your specific needs, whether you’re moving a tiny apartment or a large family home. When you get a reno with Kudo Homes, you might have to pack up a whole house, depending on what you’re having done, and the pros sweep in and get it done for you without any hassle. 

6. A Lifesaver for Senior Movers 

Moving can be challenging as we get older and aren’t able to do as much as we used to. This is where this kind of service really shines. Ensure that your belongings—or your parents belongings—are well cared for during their move by hiring professionals who will carefully pack, unpack, and store sentimental items and other possessions. This will let you focus on your Kudo renovation, which is much more exciting, don’t you think?!

7. Making Moves Easier for the Disabled

There are countless reasons someone might struggle with packing or unpacking, and the pros at Moving Angels provide invaluable support to individuals with disabilities, ensuring a smooth and stress-free moving experience.

So there you have it….that’s why we love the packing pros at Moving Angels.  You can rest assured that when you renovate to sell with Kudo Homes and need someone to help you move your things to your new property or into storage, you’re in safe hands. Because a smooth reno is the best reno!